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In the Jamb gallery the chimneypieces work as a theatrical backdrop to the furniture. Will Fisher, the creator of Jamb, is first and foremost an antique dealer. Antique furniture has always been an integral part of our showroom, further illustrating the Country House aesthetic running through our design ethos.

The antiques that served as the template for this growing reproduction collection have all once been owned by us. These include fine examples of English and Irish Country House furniture; from the Georgian style Augusta sofa to the simple elegance of the Regency Grecian hall bench. Some designs have been chosen for their purity and others for their quirk or unusual design.

All our furniture is hand made using traditional cabinet making techniques from the finest sustainable timber. We approach each piece without compromise; beneath the upholstery lies a traditionally made timber frame and the surfaces are hand polished to create the right feel and patination. The brass castors are lost wax copies of originals, patinated for the authentic look. This collection continues the Jamb tradition of re-creating classic design with exceptional quality.

The image above shows the Lancaster chair beside the Berkeley chimneypiece and the Wentworth register grate.